How to Shuck an Oyster

To open an oyster, hold the oyster in one, gloved hand, flat side up. Using a Crown Oyster shucking knife (free with your first order), insert the knife into the bottom curve of the shell and wiggle the knife a little till it pops.

Insert the knife in the shell making sure it slides along the flat shell, otherwise you are creating scrambled oysters. Remove the lid (the flat shell).

Scrape with the knife carefully along the bottom half of the shell to detach the oyster from the shell.

Now you can turn the oyster over for a better presentation. Enjoy!

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Shelf Life

  • Unopened oysters easily last up to 14 days if the oysters are gaping (which they do naturally) – tap them with your finger – a live oyster should close its shell when you tap it. If it doesn’t close, discard it.
  • Opened fresh oysters may be kept in the fridge at or below 4 degree Celsius for up to 7 days.
  • When you cook fresh oysters, the shell should open. Discard any oyster that remains closed.